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قدیمی 02-18-2011
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پیش فرض گیم موبایل Bug Heroes 1.1 (iPhone)

گیم موبایل Bug Heroes 1.1 (iPhone)

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Bug Heroes 1.1 (iPhone)

Category: Games
Version: 1.1
58.4 MB
Seller: Foursaken Media

© 2010 Foursaken Media


Part endless survival, part castle defense, and part RPG, Bug Heroes is an exciting new blend of action and adventure! Master three heroes, including a fast and deadly Spider assassin, a heavily armored Beetle, and a machine gun wielding Ant engineer. Build turrets to defend your food stash, explore vast landscapes, scour the environments for food, face off against a huge variety of enemies, complete side quests, and more!


What the reviews are saying!

"...it's going to be really hard to ever find a way to enjoy a typical dual-stick shooter again."
- 4.5/5 - toucharcade.com

"One part [castle] defense, two parts dual stick shooter, and a dash of RPG; Bug Heroes is the most interesting blend of iPhone gaming I’ve see since Infinity Blade."
- 4.5/5 - 148apps.com

"The multiple components of Bug Heroes make it a game that can appeal to a wide spectrum of people, and its quality makes it stand out among numerous action games."
- 4/4 - slidetoplay.com

"Without a doubt, Bug Heroes is the year's first must-have release."
- 5/5 - ifanzine.com

"...this is one polished offering that delivers the goods."
- 5/5 - appsmile.com

"Getting this balance [of gameplay] down pat is what makes Bug Heroes so rewarding and easy to recommend..."
- 4/5 - appspy.com



* Control three heroes, each with different strengths, weaknesses, equipment, and personalities. Instantly switch between them at any time, and lay waste to over 25 enemy types, ranging from tiny fleas to giant snails.

* Level-up your heroes, increase their skills, and equip them from a list of more than 30 abilities and equipment. Set traps with proximity mines or spider webs, equip special items such as a huge wrench or can-lid shield, and use abilities to slow down time or stampede through enemies.

* Castle defense elements -- Defend your food stash from hordes of hungry bugs! Build from over seven turret types to help you survive, including machine guns, laser pointers, firecrackers, magnifying glasses, and more.

* Diverse game play -- Explore several unique and vast levels. Gather food to stockpile at your food stash. Accept or decline optional side quests. Focus on strong heroes, strong defenses, or a balance between the two. Spend time leveling up one hero or split the experience between all three. Play how you want!

* Multiple profiles and game saves, tons of achievements, and online leaderboards for massive replayability!

* Supports old and new devices, including the iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2g, and all the latest devices. Enjoy crisp retina graphics on the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4g!

For the trailer of Bug Heroes please visit:


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What's new in Version 1.1
Don't forget to follow us on Twitter!

Make sure to let us know what you want to see in future updates!

WARNING: You will have to start a new player profile for 1.1!! All of your current Achievements will automatically be transfered over to Game Center though

Version 1.1
- added Game Center support
- added universal iPad support
- added new Pond level with 5 brand new enemies
- added new turret (unlocked on round 10 of Pond)
- added new Ant equipment: Goggles
- added new Beetle ability: Berzerk
- added new Spider ability: Ninja Smoke
- added more high resolution optimizations
- added cooldown information to equipment and ability descriptions
- added new laser turret shooting effect
- encrypted saved data files to stop cheating
- various crash fixes
- new leaderboards for version 1.1+
- fixed a bug with the controls getting stuck
- fixed a bug which would cause scrollable lists to get stuck
- fixed a turret targeting bug
- fixed a bug with upgrading a hero's health
- fixed a bug where Spider's Assassin Cut ability went through the level bounds
- fixed a scoring bug
- fixed a bug with playing the iPod
- fixed a bug which caused Beetle's Shockwaves ability to zoom in instead of out
- fixed a bug where coins and other objects would spawn out of bounds in Yard, making collection quests impossible
- fixed a bug where the screen goes black and you are stuck in the food stash when you resume
- controls no longer disengage when message pop-ups appear
- porta turrets no longer block hero movement
- added green circles around coins to make it easier to see them over darker textures
- friendly soldiers on Yard level now have slightly different colored bullets
- changed front soda can on office to be able to see better
- balance: MG turret starts off upgraded in Easy mode for better initial defense
- balance: increased the time allotted to complete quests on Easy mode
- balance: increased the time allotted to complete certain collection quests on playroom and yard
- balance: dead heroes are now even cheaper to revive on Easy mode
- balance: various difficulty tweaks to make the game slightly more forgiving, especially on Easy
- balance: tons of equipment and turret tweaks
- balance: food spawns are now more common late in the game, but enemies will drop food less often
- balance: greatly increased money and point rewards for many quests


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