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قدیمی 11-23-2010
دانه کولانه آواتار ها
دانه کولانه دانه کولانه آنلاین نیست.
    مدیر کل سایت
کوروش نعلینی
تاریخ عضویت: Jun 2007
محل سکونت: کرمانشاه
نوشته ها: 12,700
سپاسها: : 1,382

7,486 سپاس در 1,899 نوشته ایشان در یکماه اخیر
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پیش فرض هوندا کراس تور 2010 Honda Crosstour

هوندا کراس تور 2010 Honda Crosstour

The latest Honda model, the Crosstour, is an addition to the Accord line. The design isn’t bad, but it looks a bit more aggressive than the Accord. The Crosstour is wider, longer and taller. The thing that disliked about it is the back, the way the design compromise the utility of the wagon. It is quite a large car, and usually people with large cars want a lot of storage space. With the seats up, this design offers 25.7 cu-ft. and 51.3 cu-ft. with the seats down.
Honda Accord Crosstour

The engine of this Honda is unanimous loved. It has an energetic, consistent response ready throughout the power band. But you need to know that this is a 4,000 lb car, so it is better you have enough strength for it. It has 18-inch alloy wheels, and a big front grille.
The six cylinders bring the gas mileage up to 18/27 mpg city/highway or 17/25 mpg. The car transmission is five-speed automatic, with rev-matching downshifts. This rev-matching can be almost too quick for some people, but you’ll get used to it very quickly and the result will be very pleasant for most Honda owners. The four-wheel-disc antilock brakes are very firm and predictable.
As for the interior, the extra pieces of leather and wood make it very nice. Even the brushed metal looks good. The interior is very inviting, and the over-sized buttons are easy to press even in cold periods, when wearing gloves. And the trunk area is very interesting, with a bin with handles in the floor, making it easier to take it all out and wash it. Also, the lid flips, so you can keep that part of the carpet clean.
Honda Crosstour rear view

Thinking about the climate control, Honda Crosstour has a sophisticated dual-zone climate control system that allows the driver, as well as the front passenger to choose the temperature they want. Also, a single temperature can be chosen for the entire cabin. The Honda provides a Satellite-Linked Navigation System with voice recognition, with a huge database with many points of interest, including ratings and reviews for some places. The rearview camera has guidelines that will help you maneuver when you are in reverse position. Also, this model has a Bluetooth HandsFreeLink, so you can take any call you want and still being able to drive safely.

And because space is important, you can easily create the cargo space or seating configuration that you want with the easy fold-down 60/40 split rear seatback feature.

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